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Socialmedia-ness for Small and Smart Business Owners

After talking about some small businesses who have made it big with social media. Now is your chance to follow suit and let the green notes flow into your business with this social media guide. But remember that just opening numerous social media accounts is not enough.  As I always say have a plan, be determined and treat this as a full time business plan. Social media marketing is not

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Twitter tweaks its homepage

Twitter‘s homepage got a new look on Tuesday, March 30, 201o; featuring a scrolling list of “top tweets” designed to attract non-members who can have a look at what they are missing. This is a great step to lure non-tweeters to sign up to twitter.

Puzzled with the URL structure of your WordPress Blog?

If your wordpress hosted blog has URLs like, don’t you find it confusing and hard to memorize? Don’t you want to change it to something better like  or Permalinks denotes how the URL  structure of a WordPress powered post appears.  From the technical point of view, your webserver should be running Apache with mod rewrite module in it.  It’s always advisable to check with your web-hosting service

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Using Twitter to Direct Traffic to your Blog- 5 Diamond Steps for Small Businesses

With over a decade of my energy directed towards nurturing online communities, I have seen that small businesses are often hesitant to make blogs and social networking forums as they feel it will take them ages to create a huge community. In this Social Media age, patience and the choice to stay connected is needed for SMEs. Twitter is a complicated puzzle to many small business owners and particularly fatal

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Bringing out the hidden talent in me!

It was a Tuesday and I was so used to sitting alone at my bay  thinking what to do next, thatz when Sriram walked with a smile and said “lets meet up in 15 minutes” I was excited or rather shocked to know what it is that Sriram could call me for?? I walked in  after 15 minutes for the meeting and I was amazed to see so many people

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Work in Progress at iridium

As you all know that iridium Interactive is integrating the 1st and 4th floor by relocating all those working on the 1st floor, here is an update on what is happening. A lot of work is going on in order to complete the mammoth task in such a short span, which is going on in a steady pace The team is eagerly waiting to sit in their new workstations. Have

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From Gossipers to Bloggers

Every one shares their thoughts, ideas and experiences in their lives with others  for fun or to educate ……… most of these activities were happening in my company, near a tea stall, during lunch hours, late evenings or in and around the company premises.  One of the newbie to our organization joined us from Google, in her first few weeks here she was going around the office trying to understanding

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DNA Mumbai Edition Feature on Social Media and the Web Do gooders- an interview with Sriram Bharatam

A web of do-gooders R Krishna / DNA Sunday, December 27, 2009 0:48 IST Mumbai: Sriram Bharatam, founder and CEO, iridium Interactive, an internet consultancy firm based in Hyderabad, runs a non-profit called Cause an Effect Foundation. Last week, the foundation installed a water treatment facility in a village near Hyderabad. Bharatam, who was in the village to oversee the operations, started tweeting and updating his Facebook status message about

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iridium Interactive eVitalizes Wockhardt Hospitals Online Presence

It sure was a busy day at iridium Interactive with the launch of the eagerly anticipated Wockhardt Website at 3 pm. This sleek website was aimed at luring both national, international patients and hospitals. Present at the formal launch of this website were the team of Wockhardt and the strategy, creative and technology teams from iridium Interactive.  “We had shortlisted 5 agencies and finalized iridium Interactive to create this critical

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