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2 years down the road at iridium Interactive Hyderabad

Last week’s experience sharing session with the rest of iridium brought out a lot of memories of my initial days spent here. Learning about the rest of the team and then hearing from them about the positives and negatives they thought about me brought a lot of happiness :)

In this happy moment I want to share my experience here at iridium with you all. I joined iridium 2 years ago as a graphic designer, and after 6 months I shifted into the web design team. The first 6 months went by in fun and laughter and then I started to face a struggle. At that time my teamleader was Siddharth Jagannath. When ever i asked a doubt to Sid, he’d say “nak evaru nerpincharu, nen cheyatamle, nuv kuda ante nerchuko” [Nobody taught me, I learnt by myself and you should also do the same]….hahahha :) At that time those words were disturbed me a lot…and now i am here because of those inspiring words from Sid. Those words played a very crucial innings for me in my career, and helped me explore and add a lot of colour to my experience.

Since that time, I have been fortunate to work with almost everyone on the floor in the Hyderabad office. I learned a lot lot from everyone especially Nayak, Sreekanth, Bharathi, Ram and Sriram. They were very helpful and supportive…motivated me many times. Now working hands on on the SME and banking projects which we have, I am gaining a lot of international exposure for which I am very grateful.

The scope of learning is huge and I would recommend that anyone who wants to join should apply with closed eyes as they will definitely learn a lot. Cheers to iridium!



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“2 years down the road at iridium Interactive Hyderabad”
  • One thing I especially like about Sanjith is the way he taps on his keyboard; soft and smooth. Right from there, his character reflects those two qualities all the way and I definitely say, just as much as he thinks he is lucky to be in Iridium, Iridium is fortunate to have a member like him in its workforce. I wish you all the best Sanjith.

  • Def a very cretive person I’ve come across in Iridium…FInally got to see your writing skills…Lukn forward for more great work coming from you…:)

  • Sanjith, I am and always will be amazed by how fast your hands move over the keyboard! Feels good to read your story… :)

  • I couldn’t agree more with you. Iridum is sure a good place to learn and collaborate with complete freedom.

  • Iridium is the perfect place where v can apply the theory of ‘Learn, Unlearn and Relearn’…;)

  • It was good to read out and really inspiring. He encourages and guides the team a lot.Keep up the good work!

  • i agree with sanjith. knowing things by your self is like a ocean but knowing things from others like a pond :)

  • I really appreciate Sanjith’s patience, commitments and learning spree. All comments he takes positively and improves to make things better.

  • Sanjith was an excellent associate and was a pleasure knowing and working with him..I worked with him 4months when we were training in Iridium. His ideas are highly imaginative. He is highly motivated person and Quick learner, gives detailed attention to each and every topic, he have zeal to learn new things. Sanjith will be a great asset to any company that he works for. I would like to wish him all success in future.

  • I am really inspired by Sanjith. He always tells us “work evvaru nerpincharu, maname nerchukovali”.
    He is very helpful and is always happy and smiling. All the best Sanjith!!

  • I remember when i placed you in Iridium, you had many doubts about your career. But the way you built your career is really inspiring for others. Wish u go ahead with that inspiration to a new heights in ur career. ALL THE BEST.

  • Nice Post sanjith. I really appreciate the way you try to learn things and way you co-ordinate with the team. Keep it up. Remember a person who shares his/her knowledge with others will always have good respect and better life in his career.

  • My sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has influenced me, inspired me, … Your unconditional love and support means the world to me…:)