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Iridium Interactive Helps ALA Transform Student Placement Process by Optimizing ALA’s Investment in ‘Salesforce”

African Leadership Academy is a world class pan African secondary institution that aims to educate and develop outstanding students into principled, ethical leaders for Africa. Since 2008, ALA has found, nurtured and connected the best and the brightest youth from 54 African countries to be shaped into Africa’s future leadership cadre.

As a young organization, ALA was thrilled to have the ability to utilize Salesforce under the “Power of Us’, program run by the Salesforce Foundation. Unfortunately, ALA’s Salesforce implementation across differently, rapidly growing departments, were not coordinated as a result of which data became increasingly complicated and problems arose with data integrity and duplication due to data uploads with inconsistent review and clean up. Things got complicate further by the creation of two silos of data, -Salesforce and a password protected portal.

Iridium Interactive stepped in to optimize ALA’s ACN platform into a scalable, user-friendly one that allows its Staff, Students and Graduates to interact with one another, identify opportunities like internships, mentoring and job openings, and also support ALA’s graduates at university and throughout their careers.

Using the Salesforce platform , Iridium built a robust ACN portal with a fully personalized user experience for prospective students and applicants The portal consolidates all the information the potential students need in one place and displays necessary information to students at different points in the application process.

Sriram Bharatham,CEO and Founder of Iridium Interactive spoke about the challenge “ ALA teams were working in silos on various islands of systems. Data integrity and reliability was at high risk and as a result, the communication with ALA graduates were ad-hoc, intermittent and mainly via email, all this resulting to highly dissatisfied users. They made an excellent choice of working with Salesforce but the biggest challenge was that it needed to be tamed internally along with other islands of systems in place”

Sharmi Surianarain, Director of Lifelong Engagement, Africa Careers Network, ALA, appreciated Iridium’s role “ Iridium Interactive helped us to significantly streamline operational efficiency and simultaneously enabled the ACN team to provide imporved feedback, timely notifications, closely matching with opportunities stated with career interests etc.

The ability to process over 1000 applications, link with over 400 partner organizations and over 800 students in network, have greatly improved ALA’s customer service orientation, with Iridium’s infallible guidance