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How Small Business Owners In Kenya Can Take Advantage Of Technology To Scale-Up Business

The number of small businesses in Kenyan has been growing over the years and this has brought about an increase in competition. Luckily, we live at a time where technology is transforming the world into a global village.

As Kuza Biashara Founder & Chief Mentor, Mr Sriram Bharatam, shares in this interview with CNBC Africa’s Bonney Tunya, small business owners can effectively leverage on technology to Learn, Connect and Grow.

Some Quick Takeaways From This Video

  • How young entrepreneurs can benefit from our recent partnership with AITEC-Africa
  • Insights into Kuza Biashara training for small businesses
  • Insights into Sri’s TED talk on “Why start-ups fail”
  • Insights into the TIBU system done by Kuza Biashara’s sister companies to improve healthcare services to TB patients

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