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How Small Business Owners In Kenya Can Take Advantage Of Technology To Scale-Up Business

The number of small businesses in Kenyan has been growing over the years and this has brought about an increase in competition. Luckily, we live at a time where technology is transforming the world into a global village. As Kuza Biashara Founder & Chief Mentor, Mr Sriram Bharatam, shares in this interview with CNBC Africa’s Bonney Tunya, small business owners can effectively leverage on technology to Learn, Connect and Grow.

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iridium Interactive Partners with AITEC Africa

iridiumInteractive CEO & Founder, Sriram Bharatam signed an a digital partnership agreement with AITEC Africa chairman Sean Moroney to promote AITEC Banking & Mobile Money COMESA Conference 2014. Aitec Africa has been focussed on ICT publishing, event management, professional development and training in Africa. AITEC has been a market-leader in terms of spreading knowledge on the Internet, computing and telecommunications across most of English-speaking Africa. iridiumInteractive Limited is an Innovative

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Iridium Interactive Wins Google Innovation Award for Health Care Delivery

The 2013 Google Innovation Award recognizes and honors innovation and excellence delivered by Iridium Interactive in the area of Health Care Delivery in Kenya through a comprehensive, patient-centered, tuberculosis management platform called TIBU.  TIBU in Kiswahili means“to cure” or “treat medically.”   According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Kenya ranks 15th on the list of 22 high-burden tuberculosis (TB) affected countries in the world. With over 150,000 people suffering from

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Causing an effect, from Odisha to Kenya

Sometimes it is important to believe in your dream and pursue it. Everybody is given a chance in life. Success weds those who identify it and pursue it,” says Sriram, a first-generation entrepreneur, who is now creating waves in faraway Kenya with his Internet and digital media projects.On October 30, 1999, a super-cyclone had battered Odisha. In Hyderabad, a restless young man woke up the next morning with an idea.

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TIBU A system to radically reduce TB

Do you know that the incidence of Tuberculosis can come down by 10 percent every year? Yes, this is indeed possible by a unique programme called TIBU which can help in controlling the dreaded disease. TIBU is a programme that is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Health, Safaricom and its partners iridium Interactive Ltd and Tangazoletu Ltd funded by USAID.Kenya ranks 15th in a list of 22 high

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A year again @ iridium Interactive

This is an anniversary reminiscence. I’ve been a part of the workforce of iridium Interactive for the past one year. So when I started, I was more relieved than happy (not downsizing the happiness factor). I felt somebody discovered me literally and that’s always a great feeling. To keep an exploring eye on a workforce (“employee” maybe too flat) every time is even more remarkable. I can relish in that

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Miissiion Possiible – iridium Interactive

Ethan Hunt is all geared to make the fourth installment of the Mission Impossible project possible.  Come December, he will do whatever it takes to clear his government’s name associated with the demolition of Kremlin by rogue elements. At iridium Interactive, we have our own set of mission accomplishers. Of course, minus the enigmatic presence of Tom Cruise, but possessing the same obsession to find the solution to the task

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Fireworks @ iridium Interactive

Glittering lights, dazzling dresses, and illuminating fireworks, and bursting fire crackers-that’s Diwali for the most. But for us, who also have another identity as iridiumites, Diwali at iridium this year transformed into something more; it became synonymous to companionship and camaraderie. We pushed our chairs back, switched off the computers, left our desk and gathered at the terrace to light up, not only candles, but also each other’s hearts with

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iridium Interactive conducts group dynamics workshop @ Nairobi

The iridium Interactive Kenya team had a three-day gathering from October 20-22 for its first monthly huddle. Firstin a way because a team to work on the Kuza Biashara website and electronic media production was inducted recently. The three-day meet kicked of with the teams getting acquainted with each other, as many had not had an opportunity to meet. Each successive member of the team nick-named the earlier one and

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Friendship, The Unbreakable Bond

August 2011 is the most happening month at iridium, with an incessant celebration of Friendship Day, Rakhsha Bandhan, and Independence Day. 6th August 2011 was on track with the same work mood, everyone’s eye and brain dogged into desktops and laptops, to accomplish their daily target. This day was already planned with specific dress code – white for male and pink/lavender/wine color for female. We decorated the bay with balloons

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