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My journey at iridium Interactive

I joined iridium Interactive on 10th July 2007, almost 4 years ago. I would like to share my experience on working in iridium. I started my Career in iridium,and yes this is my first job. I joined as a Graphic Designer and would like to thank Bharathi ma’am for taking me in.  For one year i worked on Flash and then moved into the “Web Designing Team”, basically i was a flash animator and was asked to learn “html” and to be frank at that time i did not know how to insert a table and i thought my “Game is Over”…

But, i am very thankful to Siddharth, the formed Head of Design, for making me sit beside him and teaching me how to do “html coding”. he helped e understand a lot about technology. I am thankful to Ram for trusting me and gave me an opportunity to learn and implementing the sites on wordpress. Now I really started “enjoying my work”.

Till today i worked almost with everyone, Bharathi Maam, Sriram Sir, Sreekanth Sir, Nayak Sir, Siddharth, Pavan Anna…. and also Sallu, Sailesh, Ravi and Chandana. I have learned a lot and they all supported me in completing the projects. Thanks to All and my Special Thanks to Pavan Anna and Siddharth.

I just want to say that iridium is a good platform to start a career and i am “PROUD TO BE AN IRIDIUMITE”!



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“My journey at iridium Interactive”
  • I really appreciate the way u started Ur career, seriously seen first company to give good platform for employee to learn new technology and grow, we even have good colleagues who shares knowledge with us, i agree with u the way sid teach people if their need his help.

  • Really people get good work experience in Iridium, iam lucky to work in this company. Working on different CMS tool(wordpress, joomla, drupal) give good exposure to new technology. All the best vinod for good career and good future :)

  • Its great to see everyone in the workforce so happy to be working in a very flexible atmosphere. Its good culture to not only appreciate talent but also uplift his knowledge and capabilities in multiple fields to benefit of the individual and the company.

    Wish you all the best Vinod.

  • Congratulations for your 4 yrs and Good Luck Vinod!! Very true that iridium gives a Headstart to the career.

  • Somewhere heard that in competition of ‘Power’ and ‘Patience’ u should always bet on ‘patience’…Appreciate ur Patience for learning things…BTW Congrats for ur journey so far in iridim

  • I am very excited as a new member of the iridium team, this post goes to show that I am in the right place and there are mountains to traverse :) :)

  • Firstly Congratulations on your close to 4 yr stint with Iridium.I have started working with Vinod off late..Been supportive and has been patient with the inputs given to him..Good luck with your career…Cheers:)

  • Every story is different….quite Inspiring…joining Iridium is one of the highlights in my life…quite different and definitely NOT boring.