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iridium Interactive at the Common Wealth Games!

Before you jump the gun, no we’re not managing the IT infra of the Games or their website or their online branding but instead, an associate from our Noida office was part of the performance at the globally hailed opening ceremony of the Common Wealth Games, 2010. Janhavi Rajaraman, Project Coordinator at iridium Interactive was part of the Tree of Knowledge group showcasing the cultural heritage of India in the forms of Classical dances like  Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Mohiniattam and Kathak. Janhavi was part of the Bharatnatyam performance and was right a the front of the group of the 20 lead dancers. Well we were proud to be called Indian for hosting these prestigious games and Janhavi has sure gives us another reason to say Jai Ho!