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iridium Signs Up with KPMG Top 100 Midsize Companies as Digital Partner for East Africa

iridiumInteractive has steadily been creating a competitive environment for entrepreneurs. In this regard, we have partnered with KPMG Top 100, for the second consecutive year, in a bid to raise the bar for entrepreneurs in East Africa. iridiumInteractive has played a very active role as the official digital partners for the Eatst Africa Top 100 Survey.

This initiative is to identify Kenya’s fastest growing medium sized companies and showcase business excellence, highlight & celebrate the country’s most successful entrepreneurship stories, who have contributed to the wealth and jobs in the country. Beyond the Top 100 there is also another level, the Club 101. iridiumInteractive has been encouraging the members to push themselves to get into Club 101.

Partnering with KPMG Top 100 Survey for the second consecutive year, iridiumInteractive made a positive impact by contributing towards creating the digital assets, which is the online platform where prospective participants could learn about the survey and even fill in the survey and perform their financial calculations.

And as thought leaders, iridiumInteractive brought in the media buzz by leveraging the Social Media to promote an opportunity like this. This not only enhanced the reach to the prospects but also showed them how they can leverage this and go beyond. iridiumInteractive, when it first partnered with KPMG Top 100, brought in a spate of innovative ideas, which were very openly embraced by the Policy Team and the people behind KPMG.

As Sriram Bharatham, CEO and Founder, iridiumInteractive affirms “There is no other platform like KPMG Top 100 as of my knowledge right now in East Africa. And what really encouraged us and what we are seeing here is that as a team, collectively, all the partners are really driving at setting the bar higher. This is the 2nd consecutive year that we are part of it and we have already raised the bar. And we will continue doing this till there is a time we can see, there is a change coming in.”