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Beating black and BLUE!

What an amazing sight it was to see the Pakistani wickets tumbling one after the other with hardly a hope of standing by for the sake of the game. The Indian tigers truly stood the test of the game this time and so did the Nation. The cricket fanatics displayed ample proof that they follow Cricket truly like  a religion and the Indian team as their warriors. The jam packed stadium, the cheer and the music all enthused not just the crowd but the players to make sure India was triumphant and we were..!!!

In all this iridiumiites were truly doing their bit. The tricolor adorned the cheeks. Every 4 and 6 was like a giant leap taken and the room was filled with slogans like c’mon India go for it and bleed blue…..!! a pictoral tribute will well speak how much we adore this game and the Indian Team.. Finally the dream is over for the Pakis’ the team blue made them bleed through the reality. Hope they have got their reality check now….!!!! The Cup belongs to India and with this semi-final win it seems like a bonus that we will be proud to show off!



1 Discussion on “Beating black and BLUE!”
  • I am very uncomfortable with the way the game is looked at first of all. It sounds like India is playing cricket only to beat Pakistan blue, red, purple or whatever. There are very few things in the world left to unite people beyond boundaries. Music and sports are two of them. Let’s promote the game. Don’t be maligned by unhealthy sentiments.