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Cricketing fever takes over at iridium Interactive Hyderabad

With the World Cup taking over every aspect of life, it becomes hard to avoid the cricket fever that has swept the nation. Keeping with the the iridium team’s passionate support for the Indian cricket team, a live screening was organized in the office for all the employees. The projector, normally reserved for presentations and such was used for the more patriotic activity of cheering on the Indian team as they beat Australia by 5 wickets. Every wicket and boundary was cheered and when the ads played, our team made every effort to ensure that the work for the day got done. Fun with work? We think yes :)

The Aussies at iridiumMunaf Patel between the overs

The iridium design team watching the match



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“Cricketing fever takes over at iridium Interactive Hyderabad”

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