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Imagination takes off at iridium!!

I have been hearing from times immemorial about the Power of Imagination.  I have always heard great men say:
When you soar with the wondrous creative powers of your imagination, you possess a first-class ticket to the life of your dreams

For the past few weeks I have been witnessing the power of imagination (though, I am waiting to see the result ahead). Ok! now adding context to the subject, the renovation work  at the office has been moving at a snail’s pace in the last one week – thanks to the creative power of imagination ;) Seeing the open floor, part walls and adventurous entrances, the creative spark in many has been ignited. Support has been pouring from both sides of the brain – the engineers have turned creative  and the creative are trying their luck at the engineering.   Heated arguments, gentle discussions and interesting debates are a common sight these days at the most happening time of the day – the community lunch hour, on various topics ranging from where the stairs to the top floor need to land, to choice of  tinted glass vs clear glass, the usual, decent, formal tiled flooring vs the rugged, crazy, unstructured flooring.
Everyone pitches in with their imaginative ideas. Ravi gives his insights for "that" open space.
All this happening, while I see our own Ms.P busy taking yet another visitor to the most adventurous spot of the office, the 3 ft entrance to the top floor after a 15 steep stairs, not to forget that she is there with her camera – Ms. P, Miss Photographer?? She is busy explaining this visitor of hers of how the gym is going to look  like in the Top Floor. And I am busy thinking, didn’t Mr.R just take his visitor and gave a wonderful description of how the Cafeteria would look once done on the Top Floor.  Suddenly that reminded me of Mr.S describing this very same place  as a Terrace Conference Hall to one of our clients.  I thought to myself, God, what a Powerful sense of Imagination all of them have. They are truly putting what Richard Bach said  To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.” and they were doing just that.

Space for the gym and cafeteria and conference room with the fabulous view

The adventurous trek and 3 feet enterance to the highly debatable  vacant space
Now, sitting with my team, we are scratching our heads how to make the same place to be Ms.P’s Gym, Mr.R’s Cafeteria and Mr.S’s Terrace Conference Hall, not to forget the amazing view it would provide to ASCI’s greenery.  Love you ASCI for all the greenery you guys put up in your campus.  I have been describing  to one and all how beautiful this place would look when ASCI’s greenery will also give away some colorful blossoms.
So saying this, seeing the Power of Imagination working in many, for many ;) rather, I think our revised date seems to be 14th March instead of 14th Feb.  Don’t worry guys, don’t lose your heart, what if we lost the opportunity of Celebrating Valentines day in our new office, we can celebrate iridium Day which co-incidentally falls on  14th March.  Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!!!
May this blog  post continue to inspire the Power of Imagination in many more!!!!!!!



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“Imagination takes off at iridium!!”
  • A great place for meditation and early morning yoga for Iridium folks will be great every Saturday with a spot to refresh the long work-play hours…Bharathi….please tag this idea……….Cheers!!!!

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