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Construction versus Software Industry- iridium reveals the Analogy

We hope to keep up our inspiration alive to build a Smart Office here at iridium Interactive.  Even with all the experience we had of building offices renovating them many times in the past 10 years, little did we realise that there is so much similarity between the Construction  industry and the Software industry. Everything looks perfect when we showcase the BRD because by then 98% of clients are not too

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Imagination takes off at iridium!!

I have been hearing from times immemorial about the Power of Imagination.  I have always heard great men say: When you soar with the wondrous creative powers of your imagination, you possess a first-class ticket to the life of your dreams For the past few weeks I have been witnessing the power of imagination (though, I am waiting to see the result ahead). Ok! now adding context to the subject, the

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Work in Progress at iridium

As you all know that iridium Interactive is integrating the 1st and 4th floor by relocating all those working on the 1st floor, here is an update on what is happening. A lot of work is going on in order to complete the mammoth task in such a short span, which is going on in a steady pace The team is eagerly waiting to sit in their new workstations. Have

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Bridging Distances at iridium Interactive

How much is too much, we often pondered? Sometimes bridging the gap between the 1st and the 4th floor of an office  improves communication  so much better.  So we set about bridging the gap between the Sales & Marketing and the Delivery Team by consolidating our entire operations on to a Single, Bigger Floor in the 4th floor. This meant a lot of clitter and clatter. Monday turned out to

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