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Just a moment!

Hai every body, Can I draw a moment of your’s????

I am Rakesh Paladugula, born in a remote place Pangidi in Andhra Pradesh in a middle class family. I have an elder brother Srinivas. Ours is a We two our two family.

My mother used to tell me that even when I was 2 and a half, I was unable to keep my neck straight and for that I was taken to hospital often. Once when I was taken to an eye specialist in our place , he told that I have an eye problem and urged my parents not to expect higher studies from me. He prescribed spectacles to me. My parents however did not make me wear them as I was very young.


Later when I was taken to another doctor when I was 3 and a half , the same result came and he too advised on wearing spectacles. This time my parents had no other choice and I started wearing glasses.

Even though I was visually impaired I never faced any big problem in my childhood because I never used to open my book to read.
The first time I was upset because of my illness was in my seventh class, when I was failed in English exam. I knew most of my answers, but as the question paper was very long to read and answer, due to my illness I could not read the question paper quickly as others did. I was not upset when I failed, but when my father came with the progress card to meet my principal, I was really hurt. Leave others, it was my father who had not understood me.

As time progressed, my visual disability caused many misunderstandings- as I was active in answering in the classes, but fared poorly in the written exams.

When I was in class ninth I found that there was a difference in vision with my two eyes. Later when I went to my doctor I told him about this observation of mine. He took me to a dark room examined me for a long time and took me out. We were back home. I had my dinner and slept. My mother and father thought that I was sleeping and started talking about the conversation with doctor. The doctor had told that the problem was with the optic nerve and could not be cured. But we did not get a clear idea of the problem and were confused about what to do . I was taken to Shankar Netralaya for a second opinion.Here the doctor had no other choice, she had to tell me everything because my father did know either English or Tamil. The day was Jan 27 2004, the day I came to know that I was the patient of RP.

When I was in graduation my vision deteriorated further and I was unable to read or write. I got the help of a scribe and completed my exams, but was completely frustrated, not knowing what to do in the future. But I was always sure that I would do something different.

My favourite goddess Durga was with me. I found a way in the form of Enable India. I was in a remote place and Enable India in Bangalore. Any way I registered for the next batch CCCt(Career centric computer training) for disabled. The NGO works for disabled people. By god’s grace I was selected for a 3 weeks’ workshop. I did well there and fortunately I was even selected for a Teacher training course and trained further.

At last I was recruited in a reputed software company “Iridium interactive” at Hyderabad, where I now work as a web accessibility test engineer.

Our company does a lot many things for disabled and as part of their initiatives, I have got an opportunity to conduct Sunday classes for visually impaired with the support of my colleagues.

Thanks to my C.E.O Sriram Bharatam and Director Bharathi for giving me this wonderful opportunity and to work in this organization.

I hope to continue my services to my Iridium for a long time.

Yours ever
Rakesh Paladugula

On the eve of International day for persons with disabilities



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“Just a moment!”
  • Dear Rakesh,

    Many thanks for sharing this autobiographical Post with all of us.

    I am truly touched – as would all of us reading this.

    warm regards,


  • Dear Rakesh,

    Yours is an immensely inspiring story. It does highlight your courage and conviction to share your life openly and willingly with the rest of the team and with the world at large. The date -Jan 27th 2004 was truly a day when you were possibly reborn with this renewed strength and willpower to face upto this. God does give strength to all – but it is for each of us to realise and use this power appropriately. You have displayed this strength.
    – alongwith your own inner strength to tide over the issue.

    The humility and positive tone of this Post is amazing – I shall surely use your story as an inspiration for myself and to also showcase this to others I interact with.
    God Bless.

    best regards,


  • Rakesh Rocks as always.

    Whoever reads this story I am sure would definitely gain and regain their confidence levels.
    your determination and will power are going to be the key takeaways apart from courage, confidence,faith ..

    I feel proud to work with someone who has immense inner strength and can inspire people.

    Never Say die attitude is what I personally take it from your story.

    God Bless you and Best Regards
    Haripriya Challa

  • hi rakesh

    Your story is really very inspiring.I really admire the positive spirit in you.This story should be told to all those people who thinks that being diabled is end of life. You have proved all these people wrong by your success.All the best for the future
    You are really rocking!!

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