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Africa turns new desi IT hotspot

As Featured in Deccan Chronicle July 18, 2011 Hyderabad

African countries are fast emerging as the preferred business destination of IT companies back home. Since the governments of African countries (specifically in East Africa) are laying stress on developing their IT infrastructure in a big way, a sizeable amount of work is being outsourced to companies in Hyderabad.

The US, which was the biggest business destination for IT companies here, till a couple of years back, has now given way to other countries like Africa, China and Bangladesh. Among them Africa is the ‘next upcoming destination’ and outsources IT Development and Product Development work to companies in Hyderabad.

“Africa is presently in the same situation we were in about ten years back. They are now planning to set up IT parks and SEZs and provide a lot of opportunities to companies here. East African countries like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are today where Hyderabad was 10 to 15 years back. They are growing exponentially and with good IT and Mobile Infrastructure, it would take them just 5 years to reach where we are today. This is the right time for Indian IT companies to set up shop in Africa. We have acquired over 200 clients in African countries within a span of one year,” said Sriram Bharatam, CEO of iridium Interactive, a NASSCOM member company.

Having realized the potential of African countries like Namibia, Sudan, Tunisia, Angola and Zambia, the Software Technology Parks of India’s Hyderabad chapter has also been collaborating with officials from the African Embassy to help interested companies get in touch with the industry in Africa, indicated a Nasscom member.