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All work and no play makes little Johnny a dull boy. Every one of us is a child at heart and deserve our share of fun and frolic. With busy professional lives we tend to look forward to such opportunities as they become very rare.  Month of July was month of events meant for fun and with many cancerians around it was meant to be.  The Jewel of the events was Manish’s b’day on the 17th of july.  All of us were dreaming of a sumptuous and fun filled treat which eventually did happen. We all went to a restaurant which was a namesake of a very famous hindi film- Delhi 6. Everything right from the ambience of the place to the food was delightful.

It’s a ritual that every b’day should have some special element so did this b’day too. Our special Guest of Honour made this party truly special. Curious??? Well though they say curiosity killed the crow let us do it differently here. And the guest of honour was our little webby baby- KIARA.

The get-together also gave all of us an opportunity to interact with each other and know each other better. The lunch time which otherwise meant only like a task for us turned into a party of sorts and all the credit goes to Manish who made it sure that each one of us were a part of the whole fun time and not left apart.



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