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Sriram Bharatam Champions EO East Africa Chapter, wins Randi Caroll Award

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a global network of more than 10,000 business owners in 45+ countries. For a quarter century, Entrepreneurs’ organization EO has been supporting entrepreneurs in all corners of the world, chiefly through introduction of new chapters. EO East Africa is the newest addition to the EMEA region and a key player in growth of Africa’s entrepreneurial landscape. Sriram Bharatham, an EO member for a decade, is champion and Chapter President of EO East Africa.

Sriram Bharatham realized the need to have a community of entrepreneurs who could trust each other and serve as a sounding board for learning and growth. He wanted to create a group of likeminded entrepreneurs who would share common core values and work together towards nurturing and growing their career paths. As he says “ The chapter launch is one of the high points in my life”

Sriram Bharatam who pioneered EO East Africa Chapter in August 2013, as the Founding President of Entrepreneurs Organization East Africa received the Randi Caroll Award for the Best EO start up Chapter globally at Athens. The Global Leadership Conference was attended by 1,100 Entrepreneurial leaders from 46 countries. EO East Africa achieved a membership of over 45 in just one year.

Sriram Bharatham expresses his mission, his goal in establishing the EO Chapter “ We wish to create a positive learning environment and help local and regional entrepreneurs leverage the EO network. We are also pursuing opportunities in the form of local and regional learning events, which will serve as an opportunity to create once- in-a-lifetime experiences for our new and prospective members. As Chapter President, I want to set the right structure and culture, and nurture leaders who can sustain and grow our influence beyond East Africa. And as a task force member of EO’s Africa 750 initiative, I’m helping EO achieve 750 members by 2018 and roll out Africa as an independent region. As a chapter, we’re confident that we will play a major role in achieving these targets”