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iridium Interactive gives a modern look to India's first private biological products company

Biological E Ltd. is the first private sector biological products company in India and the first pharmaceuticals company in South India. BE is also the pioneer in preventive medicine.

Though Biological E Ltd. is an industry leader it needed to meet the rapidly changing world head on and present a vibrant new face. “Celebrating Life” – this theme is prominently and tastefully projected on every page. iridium Interactive stepped in with several fresh and innovative ideas to achieve this objective.

iridium Interactive’s treatment of the website ensured that Biological E Limited’s expanding facilities and product lines were given due prominence. Biological E’s new and exciting global vision is reflected in the partnerships section and the export line section of the site.

To maintain its leadership position Biological E has an innovative and advanced Research and Development wing in tandem with worldwide research partnerships.

This aspect of Biological E’s business is highlighted right from the home page of the site giving it the importance it deserves.

A major task was to organise the enormous amounts of information and data relating to Biological E’s business. iridium Interactive’s research and content teams reworked and organised the site in order to best handle this information into web friendly dimensions. We ensured that it informed but did not slip into the dangerous area of ‘overkill’.

We were looking to the future when we developed the skeleton and structure for a Healthcare Professionals and Patients sections that have been incorporated into the site. These sections will be focused and dedicated to their respective audiences, said Sriram Bharatram, CEO iridium Interactive. He further added, “These sections will operate like micro-sites and knowledge banks, building loyal communities and giving Biological E a foot into the future”.