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Construction versus Software Industry- iridium reveals the Analogy

We hope to keep up our inspiration alive to build a Smart Office here at iridium Interactive.  Even with all the experience we had of building offices renovating them many times in the past 10 years, little did we realise that there is so much similarity between the Construction  industry and the Software industry.

Everything looks perfect when we showcase the BRD because by then 98% of clients are not too sure of what their requirements are it is easy to get a sign off on the BRD, in this case, Specs of our office.

The slight trouble begins at the Wire-frames, rather on completion of Wire Frames which in this case is the marking.  All was well till then, now suddenly everyone at Iridium feels we need to have more Free Zones, or an additional Meeting Room (no one thought of it at the BRD/ Specs stage).  “This can still be accommodated  no problem, we are with you dears “, we say and move on.

We design the homepage and the inside page.  Here we get a sample of the Tiles we are going to use, the Decolam color, Fittings to be used etc etc. Strangely they get approved or rather people say “you know it better, take a decision, go ahead, we are with you”.

The big trouble begins then.  Having got a sign off on the Wireframes and the designs, we get all the actors/ developers and get the work started.  Carpenters have started installing partitions, Tiles are being laid out etc etc, now starts the big trouble .  “The tiles seemed good  when looked at a  single piece” I hear, followed by “The colors looked pleasing then, but may be we need to have some more brightness, so why dont you show us more options? The partition here makes the office a little too formal, lets just break it open and make more free space”.

This is a time to break a few walls, to accommodate new changes to the design, thanks to our imagination – have more free space.  I tell them, “Change Request, lets accommodate it after  Go Live, in the next phase”, they look at me shockingly and say “Aren’t you supposed to be the experts, you should have thought of all this before, didn’t you know Yellow looks better than Orange and Gym takes priority over Conference or Conference takes priority over TT Board, whatever…”

I look at my team with a shiver knowing what they would say , “Sure, no problem. Another 2 weeks”.

Having taken into account the creative & spontaneous views of Iridium‘s hardworking team, we move ahead.

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“Construction versus Software Industry- iridium reveals the Analogy”

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