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Empowering the disabled through accessible websites.

As an organization, iridium Interactive has always been involved in initiatives that alleviate the barriers faced by disabled people – be it recruiting them as employees or working towards the cause of web accessibility or through various CSR initiatives for the betterment of fellow citizens who are differently abled.

TV5, the popular telugu news channel , recently featured the web accessibility initiatives taken up by iridium Interactive. Here goes the newsclipping.

Here Mr.Sriram Bharatam, CEO of the company talks of the web accessibility related projects and research work being carried out by the organization in this field. He goes on to explain how it is a part of the HR policy to hire disabled people and also ensure equal Pay and equal opportunities to them. Mr. Bharatam elaborates on the training process followed at iridium Interactive –for the disabled employees so that they can be absorbed seamlessly into the workforce and also for the regular employees on how to interact with their differently- abled colleagues.