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Testing Accessibility of a Website

What is accessibility? Accessibility means the ability to make available technology to both disabled as well as regularly abled people  without any discrimination. For e.g: If a person visits your website and has a disability, say  low vision, there should not be any difficulty for him to gather all the information available in the website – information accessible to any vistor should be available to the disabled person also. Hence ,

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In the press !!!

Well Well..finally I’ve made it in life !!!! My pic is on the newspaper. You can see me in the paperclipping ,attending a call :). This report was featured on Deccan Post dated Sep18, 2008 I Its my privilege to talk about the other three you see here in the clipping …. Sriram, CEO of iridium Interactive, the company I am part of and proud to be associated with. As

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Empowering the disabled through accessible websites.

As an organization, iridium Interactive has always been involved in initiatives that alleviate the barriers faced by disabled people – be it recruiting them as employees or working towards the cause of web accessibility or through various CSR initiatives for the betterment of fellow citizens who are differently abled. TV5, the popular telugu news channel , recently featured the web accessibility initiatives taken up by iridium Interactive. Here goes the

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Booking tickets online –the highs and lows of the experience

I am planning a trip to Gods own Country, Kerala in a couple of months and recently visited the Indian Railways website to book my tickets online. The experience was mixed. The site is very nice even though it is missing some accessibility guidelines. Let me share the good things first.

iridium Interactive: An eye for humane practices

This article on iridium Interactive was featured in the NASSCOM EMERGE news letter, july ’08 under the section HR Factor .You can read the full aticle here When many companies prefer to pursue corporate social responsibility as an activity extraneous to organisational functions, Hyderabad –based iridium Interactive has embraced it as a human resource policy and is hiring the visually challenged without batting an eyelid.

Internet Accessibility for the Visually Challenged

Did you know that the humble typewriter, the computer keyboard and the keys on your mobile phone are friendly to the visually challenged? Take a look at the raised projections on the letters F and J on your keyboard. By placing your index fingers on these letters, you can type without looking at the keys. Number 5 on your phone has a similar projection that helps you dial the numbers

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PUNARBHAVA – a renewed becoming

Punarbhava is a Pali word for “renewed becoming”. It refers to the process of rebirth after death and is synonymous with samsara. Rebirth in Buddhism does not mean reincarnation, in the sense of an eternal, separate soul transferring to a new body. Rather it is the continuation of the psyche with its conditioning and habits. Each rebirth is a new life.

India's first interactive portal for disabled community

Media Lab Asia, a unit of the Indian Department of Information Technology, and the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), a federal body dealing with rehabilitation of the disabled, have jointly developed a portal for the differently-abled community in India named (For more information please visit This portal has been designed and developed by iridium Interactive, the leading ‘Fully Integrated Web Services Company’ in India. was launched today

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Portal to help blind surf for jobs created

Thanks to the country’s first job portal to be developed exclusively for the visually challenged, the blind community in India too can surf the Internet to search for jobs. The yet-to-be-named portal whose beta version is doing the rounds is likely to be launched by the second week of February, Sriram Bharatam, the chief executive officer of Hyderabad-based iridium Interactive, which is designing the website with the help of NASSCOM

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For the differently-abled, Net is more than a click away

Can’t imagine life without WWW? For the 7.5 crore people with disabilities in India, the web is more than a mouse-click away. With most Indian websites — including government sites — failing to provide even minimum levels of accessibility, equal opportunity for all is still far from a reality. A report commissioned by the United Nations recently found that none of the Indian websites tested met even the most basic

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