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iridium Interactive reaches out to differently-abled

ETV2-Network channels, one of the most popular network of channels provides quality entertainment to millions of viewers in India and abroad in the language of their choice, always depicting the culture with which they can connect. Viewers in India and abroad keep abreast of current affairs, trends, happenings and get the pulse of the country through this channel.

Recently the Web Accessibility initiatives taken up by iridium Interactive were featured by ETV2 in ETV2 News.Here goes a synopsis

Visually challenged software engineers are part of the workforce at iridium Interactive which works towards making web pages accessible. Accessibility is more than making a website compatible, it’s about making the pages friendly to the blind.
We can view the world by just sitting infront of our computers. News from space to mango pickle recipe can be known. But blind people who form 10% of total population cannot utilize the information and services available on the internet.

iridium Interactive is actively involved in the cause of disability and web accessibility, engaged in research and testing to make web accessible to the blind, and in this initiative they are supported by Nasscom.It is unfortunate that visually disabled need to take some one’s help to use Computers. With the emergence of screen reader software that reads out the contents of webpage, the visually impaired people have finally been able to enjoy access to the vast amount of information and services available on the internet.This software cannot, however, read all the pages on the web, because the pages are partially /completely inaccessible due to a myriad of reasons.

To overcome this problem iridium Interactive, in association with Enable India has taken up the cause of Web accessibility. Currently iridium Interactive is working on a project to make accessible .The tester for this new emerging software is also a visually impaired- Rakesh Paladugula. The vision of iridium Interactive is to make web pages accessible to people with various levels of visual disability.



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