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Data Security Unplugged

I was fortunate to be a chosen delegate at a recent International Conference. The Conference on Data Security was organized by DSCI – Data Security Council of India.   This body has been set up to work on systematizing the processes of Cyber Information Security and controlling Cyber Crimes. Ensuring the security of data and content is of paramount importance – laws and rules can do this much and no more.

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Web Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.0 in Comparision with WCAG 1.0

What’s good in WCAG 2.0 The latest version of web content accessibility guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) are divided into 4 principles – Perceivable, Operable, Understandable and Robust (POUR) respectively. Each principle is divided into guidelines with priority levels A, AA, AAA.  The WCAG 1.0 has 14 guidelines but are not divided into blocks. This has been taken care in WCAG 2.0 in the form of principles. The explanations of the

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Testing Accessibility of a Website

What is accessibility? Accessibility means the ability to make available technology to both disabled as well as regularly abled people  without any discrimination. For e.g: If a person visits your website and has a disability, say  low vision, there should not be any difficulty for him to gather all the information available in the website – information accessible to any vistor should be available to the disabled person also. Hence ,

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In the press !!!

Well Well..finally I’ve made it in life !!!! My pic is on the newspaper. You can see me in the paperclipping ,attending a call :). This report was featured on Deccan Post dated Sep18, 2008 I Its my privilege to talk about the other three you see here in the clipping …. Sriram, CEO of iridium Interactive, the company I am part of and proud to be associated with. As

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Some voices concern us…

Recently, as a representative of iridium Interactive and the Cause an Effect Foundation, I was honored with the Udyog Rattan Award in recognition of contributions towards the empowerment of the disabled. The Udyog Rattan Award is conferred by the Institute of Economic Studies in New Delhi, one among the country’s premier research institutes. The Institute of Economic Studies was established in 1980 by a group of economists, parliamentarians and industrialists

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iridium Interactive reaches out to differently-abled

ETV2-Network channels, one of the most popular network of channels provides quality entertainment to millions of viewers in India and abroad in the language of their choice, always depicting the culture with which they can connect. Viewers in India and abroad keep abreast of current affairs, trends, happenings and get the pulse of the country through this channel. Recently the Web Accessibility initiatives taken up by iridium Interactive were featured

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Booking tickets online –the highs and lows of the experience

I am planning a trip to Gods own Country, Kerala in a couple of months and recently visited the Indian Railways website to book my tickets online. The experience was mixed. The site is very nice even though it is missing some accessibility guidelines. Let me share the good things first.

iridium Interactive: An eye for humane practices

This article on iridium Interactive was featured in the NASSCOM EMERGE news letter, july ’08 under the section HR Factor .You can read the full aticle here When many companies prefer to pursue corporate social responsibility as an activity extraneous to organisational functions, Hyderabad –based iridium Interactive has embraced it as a human resource policy and is hiring the visually challenged without batting an eyelid.

Internet Accessibility for the Visually Challenged

Did you know that the humble typewriter, the computer keyboard and the keys on your mobile phone are friendly to the visually challenged? Take a look at the raised projections on the letters F and J on your keyboard. By placing your index fingers on these letters, you can type without looking at the keys. Number 5 on your phone has a similar projection that helps you dial the numbers

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Social and Economic Contributions of IT/ITES Industry

The role of India’s IT industry in the socio-economic development of the nation has caught the attention of one and all.The IT industry today is the toast of the nation. Accolades have come from all corners for the manner in which IT Industry in India has leveraged the large endowment of Human Capital available and built a huge IT skill base.The growth of IT industry has also resulted in a

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