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A friend visiting iridium Interactive Delhi from Kenya

Last month saw a lot of activity at the iridium Interactive office, lot of business coming in and lots of client visiting.  But this time around we had a special visitor Mr. Muba from Capital FM, Kenya. There were more reasons than one for this visitor being special. One because they were a client and two this time around we grew one step closer. We became friends.  Muba’s visit to the iridium’s office in Noida was certainly a time which all of us would remember.  Apart from discussing and exploring business opportunities we decided to give Muba a taste of our food, culture and the city for that’s how the bonding strengthens.  The stalwarts of our company Manish (the mascot), Manoj and Kmail took Muba around the city and thus began the journey from Delhi Haat – the south of Delhi to the heart of Delhi – India Gate.

Delhi haat we all know is a one stop place to see India’s cultural diversity with a range of flowing fabrics & handicrafts from Kashmir to good sumptuous cuisine from the southern tip of India- Tamil Nadu. Our iridium mascots made sure Muba had a chance to taste the most delectable food of India. By delectable I meant our street food which India is famous for. I am sure when I say this the first thing you all would have thought would be golgappas… right people that is what I meant. We treated Muba to golgappas with that khatta meetha chutneys and aloo fillings, chaat and papdi. My mouth is already watering while I write this and I am going to have all of this after I am done with this writing experience.

Next was destination Qutab Minar. One of our historic monuments that speaks a lot about the mughal regime that we had and its magnificence and architectural competence. Our friend from Kenya was all praise for this historical monument and clicked quite a few interesting pictures from all possible angles.  Now comes the most interesting part of all this roaming around. The Making of Goli Soda – My Favourite drink. I can swear by it any time.  Directed by Muba and assisted by Manish we shot a brief documentary on how to make refreshing Goli Nimbu soda in a jiffy. Every sip that Muba took was like a shower of freshness down his throat. He could not stop gushing about it.

Chuski is something I m sure Muba will never forget because that is something he won’t get to relish anywhere in the world. I trip to the busy market of Sarojini Nagar is something Muba would cherish till his next visit. Like all journeys come to an end Muba had to go back but he took back memories that he won’t forget in a long time to come. Next time he is here it is mission Chandni Chowk for clothes and not to forget the paranthas..



1 Discussion on “A friend visiting iridium Interactive Delhi from Kenya”
  • Great treat for Mr. Muba. Its always so very nice feeling to be pampered with hospitality. I am sure Mr. Muba should have considered reciprocating should the opportunity come.