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Rescue & Relief Measures for Orissa Cyclone victims

Rescue & Relief Measures for Orissa Cyclone victimsDeeply touched by the fate of the flood affected victims of the Orissa super cyclone, a small team of Causeaneffect conceptualized and launched a website – in 1999 with the objective of creating an Internet medium which would allow the donors to donate funds to the affected community without actually paying.

Through this website a very strong Global Online Community working for a ?Cause? was created. This effort was aimed at humanizing Technology and Channelizing the cold financial logic of online advertising to a warmer, social purpose of ?CHARITY FOR A CAUSE?. As a part of this initiative, around 50 odd emails were sent out – telling about the site.

Global media including, Star, Doordarshan, CNBC, BBC, ZeeTv, Channel V, IN Cable, Siti Cable, Discovery Online, HT Online, Deccan Online and almost all online and print versions of national and international newspapers and all known global B-C portals have supported this site. The Community grew from 9,000 to about 180,000 in less than 48 hours. Because of the 24 hours online service offered by the team of and its personal touch the who’s who of Non-Resident Indians got in touch, started volunteering aid, resources and funds. And all it took was a typical ?Click and Mortar? route.

Several exhibitions, events and stage shows were organized all over the world by the volunteers proactively in the name of Some were organized as far as – Opera House, Sydney, London, NY, San Francisco, Ottawa, Zurich, Paris, Dubai, Christchurch, Zaire, etc.,

How it worked:

  1. The team of Causeaneffect put up a Community website
  2. Any visitor could logon to the Internet and go to
  3. The visitor finds all the statistics of the disaster affected areas (Orissa) and also news about the relief operations, which is updated on a daily basis.
  4. The visitor would see the map of India with affected areas – highlighted.
  5. Below this map there would be a button ?Save a Life!?
  6. Any visitor to this site can click on this button ?Save a Life!?
  7. This will take the visitor to ?Thank you for your donation? page where Corporate advertisements were put up along with their logo. If the Corporate already had a website, the visitor would be directed to it.
  8. Every time a visitor clicks on the ?Save a life button?, each corporate would pay Rs.0.50 paise or 50 cents for the unique exposure got by them. Say with a minimum of 10 Corporates willing to sponsor for the Cause, every click generated Rs.5/- which went towards the rescue and relief activities that included providing food packets to the affected victims.
  9. This concept is one of its kind with Visitors coming day after day to contribute to the cause of the society. Soon this became a community revolution and people across the globe joined together to bring in awareness among the society.

Causeaneffect provided the following benefits to the Sponsors

  • placed their names in front of people as being associated with a good cause thus generating good will towards their company.
  • providing an analogous opportunity as that of funding shows on public television or making corporate donations to other worthy causes
  • providing a form of advertising and public relations
  • providing simple and good advertising
  • providing the publicity surrounding the Causeaneffect site
  • providing all the above at a very nominal advertising cost

Involvement beyond financial support

  1. With an effort to maintain Transparency in the entire transaction donations were updated on a day to day basis and a count of the statistics of the visitors were maintained
  2. Donations were given to the Orissa Super Cyclone Chief Minister?s Relief Fund with the beneficiaries being the victims.
  3. Many exhibitions, events and stage shows were organised all over the world by the volunteers proactively in the name of Causeanaffect.Org. Some were organized as far as – Opera House, Sydney, London, NY, San Francisco, Ottawa, Zurich, Paris, Dubai, Christchurch, Zaire, etc.
  4. Brochures/ Pamphlets/Posters/Stickers were made available through the site.
  5. The site was instrumental in people work/ fund raising/ providing tools, motivation and ammunition to spread the message.
  6. When people directly started donating through Cheques/DDs in different names like Causeaneffect, Sriram Bharatam, Orissa CMs Relief Fund etc? we personally handed it over to the right Beneficiary
  7. Many Business schools took Causeaneffect as a Case Study for their academic programmes.
Mr. Chandrababu Naidu
?I am happy that young software professionals from ii have come forward to use their skills for a noble cause to help their fellow countrymen?

Awards & Appreciation

? Appreciation, from the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, for the efforts extended at the time of the nation’s hour of need.

? Winner of the prestigious Kauffman Community Award 2004 for successful philanthropic efforts.

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