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Why most start-up businesses fail: Sriram Bharatam at TEDxKaren

Sriram Bharatam is the Founder and Chief Mentor at Kuza Biashara Ltd, an organization which nurtures the capacity of small businesses using innovative digital and mobile solutions. His presentation at TEDxKaren was geared towards exploring why most start-ups in the corporate world fail at an infancy stage. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like

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Network with a cause – Public Health Global Network Goes Live !

At II every day there is a new story, a new learning, new paths explored. This time around its a website with a dfference. A networking tool which creates not a social networking site for fun but a tool that actually creates social awareness in the public health sector. The website: was designed and developed from its infancy to its current status at iridium Interactive’s Noida den. This platform

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Online marketing for non profits: Increasing Awareness through Social media

This is the start of iridium Interactive’s marketing series for NGO’s. The three part series will speak about using Social Media to 1. Increase awareness 2. Raise funding 3. Increase volunteering In this post, we will focus on trying to using techniques we feel have worked for iridium’s clients and give you working principles of what you should concentrate on to raise awareness for your cause. Increasing awareness As social

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AeA launches Punni Ki Kahaniyan: Follow her on facebook now!

Aide et Action-South Asia along with its Social Media Partner, iridium Interactive and Print partner, The Hindu launched Punni ki Kahaniyan, a Short Film series about Multi Culturalism at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad on 26th October 2010. The initiative of Punni ki Kahaniyaan is aimed at fostering the values of multiculturalism and promoting cultural harmony in children by helping them understand other cultures through short films talking on these subjects. ‘Punni’

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Monitoring the Sentiment behind every Social Media Conversation

“We have seen a clear evolution in demands from our customers. They are better informed and far more sophisticated in their expectations and requirements.”- Mark Redgrave of Hapax. True!! With the advent of social media they now have their own platform to express their views and opinions. The main intention behind social media monitoring is to track these conversations as I have mentioned earlier. Determining if these conversations are positive

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Some voices concern us…

Recently, as a representative of iridium Interactive and the Cause an Effect Foundation, I was honored with the Udyog Rattan Award in recognition of contributions towards the empowerment of the disabled. The Udyog Rattan Award is conferred by the Institute of Economic Studies in New Delhi, one among the country’s premier research institutes. The Institute of Economic Studies was established in 1980 by a group of economists, parliamentarians and industrialists

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iConnect-Ensuring computer literacy in rural areas

CauseanEffect Foundation has been working with 6 Government High schools in Mominpet Mandal of Ranga Reddy district of Andhra Pradesh through its iConnect Project.(This mandal is considered to be one of the most backward block of Andhra Pradesh. It is quite inaccessible with some of the roads really in a bad shape. The transport facilities are greatly underdeveloped. Many of the iConnect villages can only be accessed by Kaccha or

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PUNARBHAVA – a renewed becoming

Punarbhava is a Pali word for “renewed becoming”. It refers to the process of rebirth after death and is synonymous with samsara. Rebirth in Buddhism does not mean reincarnation, in the sense of an eternal, separate soul transferring to a new body. Rather it is the continuation of the psyche with its conditioning and habits. Each rebirth is a new life.

CauseanEffect’s Candlelit Vigil in Sangareddy for HIV/AIDS Awareness

Sangareddy 1st Dec 2007 Aim:To spread awareness of HIV/AIDS among people of Medak District, Andhra Pradesh through Make Aware,Educate & Discuss strategy. To help spread awareness on HIV/AIDS issues Cause an Effect Foundation conducted a rally in Sangareddy in Medak District of Andhra Pradesh. All major stakeholders in fight against HIV/AIDS But possible single peeling lived best buy viagra online red which work multiple somehow to. were brought together –

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