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Relief Measures in Tsunami Affected Villages

A Tsunami set off by an earthquake unleashed a trail of death and destruction in half a dozen countries in South and South-East Asia, killing more than 24,000 people. As of now the death toll in India is 7,000. The waves whipped nine coastal districts of AP on Sunday (26th December 2004) morning leaving a trail of devastation and more than 110 dead. However Prakasam, Nellore and Krishna are the

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Rescue & Relief Measures for Andhra Flood victims

In 2000, when the Nature’s fury devastated the city of Hyderabad and other parts of the State of Andhra Pradesh, the CauseanEffect team provided rescue and relief measures to the victims. These measures included providing food and supplies along with medicines and other medical assistance to the victims. This innovative model sensitized the common man to the joy of giving – donating by not actually paying and thus touching a

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Rescue & Relief Measures for Orissa Cyclone victims

Deeply touched by the fate of the flood affected victims of the Orissa super cyclone, a small team of Causeaneffect conceptualized and launched a website – in 1999 with the objective of creating an Internet medium which would allow the donors to donate funds to the affected community without actually paying. Through this website a very strong Global Online Community working for a ?Cause? was created. This effort was

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