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Network with a cause – Public Health Global Network Goes Live !

At II every day there is a new story, a new learning, new paths explored. This time around its a website with a dfference. A networking tool which creates not a social networking site for fun but a tool that actually creates social awareness in the public health sector. The website: was designed and developed from its infancy to its current status at iridium Interactive’s Noida den.
This platform has been created to generate new learning and initiate a multilevel and plural dialogue between academics, researchers and public health practitioners across the globe so as to gradually build up strong partnerships towards south-south cooperation; through this network, schools of public health, stakeholders and the community of practice can share experiences and curricula, transfer best practices, caution against replication of failed models, exchange learning resources and, wherever feasible, strengthen public health capacity through inter-institutional faculty exchange and joint research.

The website intends to be a common platform to debate and analyze the challenges faced by public health, development of common as well as complementary sensibilities, exchange of ideas and researchers, and mapping the needs of these countries for developing a common plan of action to address public health challenges.

When i say website with a difference it is not just the website and its concept, its also about the team behind it.  A team of extremely dedicated iridiumoholics put together this website in just a matter of few months. The team – Nitu, Shabbu, Samar, Rajeev, me with special mention to Shiv and Kamil, would daily have internal meetings, con-calls with clients with endless inputs from the client by the minute. This often called for stretching beyond normal official hours which the team never hesitated to abide by sometimes even working on weekends. Endless dedication of the team has indeed made this project quiet a success in a very short span of time. Within its first week of going live internally there were almost 100 member registrations from within the organization. We are sure once its open to the target audience it is sure to create a wave globally amongst the public health practitioners and bring them together to educate the world about the importance of public health.

With this we march ahead with yet another signature success story to talk about.

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