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Friendship, The Unbreakable Bond

August 2011 is the most happening month at iridium, with an incessant celebration of Friendship Day, Rakhsha Bandhan, and Independence Day. 6th August 2011 was on track with the same work mood, everyone’s eye and brain dogged into desktops and laptops, to accomplish their daily target. This day was already planned with specific dress code – white for male and pink/lavender/wine color for female. We decorated the bay with balloons and ribbons and it become more adorable with smile, laugh, and fun in the evening.

Friendship is a link and a friend is the channel through whom great emotion and trust flow. This link brings a new light for guidance, peace, and support. There are many relations which are celebrated and preserved only when they are blood. This is a relation where no boundary for blood or hereditary proof to be in.

“Life is to be fortified by many friendships. To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence.” Well said by Sydney Smith.

The same was felt at iridium on 6th August 2011. It was an unforgettable experience. We at iridium gave a new meaning to friendship. Along with this we made a new relation with whom we never interacted. Wholemind India Foundation is the medium for our new relation and bond. iridium is taking a great pleasure to be a part of Wholemind India Foundation, which is the foundation for the individuals suffering from mental illness.

Shreya took an initiative to prepare friendship bands and rings, and came up with a small stall to collect an amount for charity. The bands where colorful and strong as this relation is! I took four bands of my favorite color. I was pleased with the charity and felt proud to be part of iridium which will be a treasured moment. Some of my colleagues and other members bought as many as possible just for contribution and felt the same as I did. At last, the auctioned friendship band tied by Bharathi to her Best Friend Shreya :)

The most surprising and exciting jiffy was when there was an announcement of a competition for having a maximum number of bands wore on their respective wrist. It was surprising for me and many others because we were unknown to this and excited because when we came to know, we jumped and hopped to count number of bands on our and others wrist. Finally, Mr. Sanjith was announced as a winner with 8 bands. The day ended with a short movie on friendship development by Ravi and his team, which was a merge of snaps taken by Vamsi during the day. (*v*)

Click on the link to view pics…

Click on the link to view video…

Though our friendship day started a bit hectic and tedious but the evening re-energized us. This friendship day was the best and exceptional day. I hope all iridium enjoyed this day and every year iridium celebrates this day with a new energy, feel, excitement, surprise and with a new target for charity.



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“Friendship, The Unbreakable Bond”
  • Yes really its great fun on Friendship Day. I too enjoyed a lot, making cartoons and designs on balloons. I enjoyed my first friendship day in Iridium.


  • Friendship truly showed that Iridiumites don’t just rock, but we go a little beyond that. My first event at Iridium… happy that it was for a cause… Thank you so much Shreya, for all bands :)