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'I' day @ iridium Interactive

It’s August!!! Festivals and celebrations lined up – Rakshabandhan, Independence Day, Janmashtami! To us Indians, the Independence Day is more emotional and closer to our hearts. Many of us are nostalgic about the Flag hosting and celebrations which we used to have during our school days. And these days it is more of thoughts with mixed feelings of the current social scenario as compared to what our leaders fought for, and what not…

This was my first celebration at iridium Interactive. I was less than a month old at iridium Interactive when the celebrations were announced in the monthly huddle. It sounded quite exciting, indeed happy that iridium Interactive was practical about the common saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” All faces were lit bright with the enthusiasm. We were to compete for bay decoration, traditional dressing, group stage events and also had open invitation to any individual talent too. All of us were excited, and at the same time thoughtful about what to present. Some secret competitive planning… Many hsss hsss psss psss discussions were going on here and there. People planning to dress up as freedom fighters, politicians, traditional depictions and much more.'I' day @ iridium

Each team in no way less excited than the others, were all prepared on the D-day. Balloons, traditional oil lamps, electrical lamps, paper decorations of tri-color, Bandhini duppattas used for window decorations, and the most beautiful of all, flower decorations adorning the floor. So imaginative!!! Very Indian with the saffron, white and green all around! The lamps depicted prosperity and immense hopes for the future.

The celebrations began by 5.30pm, with Pavan’s team laying down the flower decoration and Ravi’s team busy arranging the paper decorations and electric lamps. It was so beautiful to see our National Flag used as decorations in various patterns. You could see Bandhini duppattas and traditional oil lamps for decorations at the GXBO bay. All the teams were geared up for their presentations. A patriotic song by Sudheer, Kiranmayi, classical dance by Chandana, western dance by Sudheer, Santosh, group dance by Ravi along with our Kenyan friends Jerry and Castro (dressed in traditional Nigerian cap and shirts) were the major ingredients in the day’s recipe. For an icing on the cake, we had Swathi’s team who staged the ‘Unity in Diversity’ show with a cultural blend of regional and religious mix. An additional dressing to the dessert was the sound system which supported with patriotic and dance numbers. Thanks to Sreekanth for sharing with us a bit of each of Hindi and Malayalam songs in his melodious voice and Genaram, the turbaned Rajathani for his foot movements on “thodi si dhool” from Rang-de-basanti.

The judge’s team of Mrs. Bharathi, Mr. Nayak and Mr. Sreekanth announced Unity in Diversity as the best group event, Pavan’s team for the best bay decoration, Santosh the best solo performer, Jerry and Castro for international participation and last but not the least  Genaram and Vinod Goud  the best traditionally dressed.

Thank you team iridium Interactive for the wonderful celebration! It was all fun to watch Jerry and Castro dancing away to glory. Salute their spirit of adding tanginess to the event!  We missed you Sriram, it would have been great if you were around too.



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“'I' day @ iridium Interactive”
  • It was truly a memorable experience…A complete package of colours, patriotism, fun, masti..and talent..Rock on Iridiumites..Cheers:)!!

  • Amazing to be part of best celebrations at iridium; Friendship day, Raksha bandhan & Independence day. waiting for the next……………..celebration.

  • This time, I missed lot of fun! But next time I would definitely be part of these types of excited events. Eagerly waiting for next event!!!

  • yes. v have talented individuals at iridium. Hoping to perform best; contribute best and encourage to entertain the best.

  • I never like to miss any event, celebration, seminar, debate, huddle and so on. Though i was not well on this weekend huddle; i wanted to be a part of it and hopefully enjoyed.