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iridium Interactive conducts group dynamics workshop @ Nairobi

The iridium Interactive Kenya team had a three-day gathering from October 20-22 for its first monthly huddle. Firstin a way because a team to work on the Kuza Biashara website and electronic media production was inducted recently.

The three-day meet kicked of with the teams getting acquainted with each other, as many had not had an opportunity to meet. Each successive member of the team nick-named the earlier one and repeated the name until the last member repeated the names and nicknames of the entire team!

Sriram welcomed the team with a refresher on why we exist and the company’s mission and vision.

The three teams—Kuza Biashara Content (KBC) (including website & production), Kuza Biashara SME (KBS) & Project Management Office (PMO) soon went into a workshop mode where they discussed the plans, mode of execution and the resources required. The KBS team in particular, discussed strategies for an increase in closed sales of Zidisha accounts and presented ways of achieving the targets.

An interactive session with a 4-member team from Safaricom saw the Zidisha sales team sorting out operational issues. The Safaricom team reiterated its stance to work with and support the KBS team in its work.More fun&games

The 3-day meet was not all work, as the team took time out to play games that help team building. A mouth-watering cake cut by the recently wedded chief of sales from Safaricom & his wife marked Sriram’s 40th birthday too!Day three concluded with all the three teams making presentations on the way forward.The team

Before the teams parted ways, the iridium Interactive and KuzaBiashara Kenyan team was thoroughly energized. Everyone had understood the company’s vision & had created new bonds.  It is this bond that will now take on the Kenyan SME market by storm. And grow in numbers.

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“iridium Interactive conducts group dynamics workshop @ Nairobi”
  • This was a great 3 days, I am re-energised and cannot wait for ii Kenya to grow and make its mark in the SME market :)

  • Am really impressed by the innovative way the team members got acquainted with each other! I can already feel your zeal. Thanks for making it this contagious.

  • It was a great pleasure meeting every one from all across Kenya and listening to those interesting stories and insights from everyone. Finally i could connect a face to a name and feeling more connected.

    Looking forward to some great action folks. We also celebrated the sign up of the 1,000th client from Kenya in a span of 2 months.


  • Hi Shiro… This workshop sounds quite interesting. Would have been lots of enthusiasm and fun. Looking forward for such activities here too.