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Bringing out the hidden talent in me!

It was a Tuesday and I was so used to sitting alone at my bay  thinking what to do next, thatz when Sriram walked with a smile and said “lets meet up in 15 minutes” I was excited or rather shocked to know what it is that Sriram could call me for?? I walked in  after 15 minutes for the meeting and I was amazed to see so many people in the conference room  waiting for me. I was thinking what could they be waiting for me for?  As the discussion started,  Sriram offered me a new role in the marketing team. Initially I was confused thinking that  I guess people at iridium realized that I had very little to do thatz why I was  offered to do this.But it was not too late before I understood that they actually wanted me to do activities (probably they thought I was capable enough ;)) like the one they offered me  to write for them.  I’ve had no idea what blogging is or what writing is  ,all I knew  that I can TALK!! I was then told blogging is like talking only the mediums change, that was a relief.When all this was happening I knew that I was learning something new which really impressed me,becoz I was always open to learn new things.., I was talking to myself and always aimed to be an Enterpreneur ( Jack of all trades and master of None ) and was smiling to myself. This will be a good learning as an entrepreneur too!!

Later when all this was happening as usual my friends @iridiuminter were going for a sip of Tea ( Chai ) is what we call. And they were smiling @ me thinking finally this man has got something to do. I really wanted to share this with my other  colleagues but it was too late as they already left .I stayed till 8:15 like never before and Roshni my Collegue was really amazed to see me working so late and I was really working!!

When I gathered my thoughts and started writing I was amazed and impressed with the spontaneous culture at iridium Interactive where they are open to teach and train people in any field. I am excited to be a part of this spontaniety and this is my spontaneous write up for all you reading this J

I will be writing more often on many more topics  so stay tuned and await my upcoming blog entries.



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