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iridium Interactive gets the coveted Online Partner of NASSCOM status for third consecutive year…

As the NASSCOM India Leadership Forum (NILF) convenes from Feb 9th to Feb 11th this year, it gives me great pleasure to be present in Mumbai for the 18th edition of this annual conference as NASSCOM’s official online partner. iridium Interactive got this status for the third consecutive year. We have partnered with NASSCOM to create a SOCIAL Networking product, called NASSCOM Connect, to add value to every NASSCOM NILF delegate’s experience. NASSCOM Connect is a social networking platform which is a combination of Linked-in and Facebook, that will help attendees and delegates to maintain ties and continue their dialogue in the virtual space. A unique platform, the NASSCOM Connect enables the delegates to touch base with each other before the event kicks off on February 9th at Mumbai this year.

I completely look forward to this epic forum since it is undoubtedly Asia’s largest leadership conference with a diverse mix of inspirational experts from the industry. Flooded by the outpour of registrations,  NILF boasts of a record registration of 1650 delegates this year from countries all over the world and India. This is going to be one opulent event with the stalwarts of the IT industry who will be present there.

Exactly this time around last year when the economy was caught in the clutches of recession the theme of the event was mainly focussed on how to tackle the downturn. This year holds particular importance as the industry recovers from the financial slowdown, we look forward to new times, new dimensions, new outlooks and the opportunity to explore new directions which is also the theme of  this event this year ‘New Times, New Ideas, New Directions’

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  1. The NASSCOM EVENT online destination:

You can also avail the live updates from NILF from :

iridium team at NILF 2010 Mumbai



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“iridium Interactive gets the coveted Online Partner of NASSCOM status for third consecutive year…”

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