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Celebrating NASSCOM and MEDROYALE Success

There are many tough times in delivering projects, that comes with a lot of stress and challenges. At the end of each project, we often overlooked celebrating a successful project handover! What does that mean? A lot of stress hangover from the previous project coupled with the present overload. This only means a lot for the mind to take.

Project celebrations often occur only upon completion of the overall project. However, small celebrations during project implementation should also exist for key portions of the project. These celebrations should typically coincide with a phase completion or a major milestone being accomplished. The reason being to destress and work without getting bogged down.

Project celebrations may take the form of a small party with snacks in the office, a potluck lunch, taking the entire team members out for lunch, or even holding a special dinner for the team including the sponsor and the client. Rewards and key celebrations motivate members who are working many hours to ensure the projects success.

The team behind NASSCOM success

The team behind NASSCOM success

Yesterday we are celebrated the success of NASSCOM MMS and MEDROYALE project completion.  I found high voltage glows on the faces of my colleagues  at the time of project completion,  it was just about 1000 volts of glow. But at the dhabha (where we celebrated the success), I saw 25000 volts of glow on everyone’s faces.  We enjoyed a lot, revile our project flash backs and stress, challenges, our hard work ,night outs etc.. celebrating gives all of us a feeling of a flush of our previous stress with new energy to work on the upcoming projects.

Celebrating the double success at a dhabha

Celebrating the double success at a dhabha

Looking forward to more success celebrations and more success updates from iridium Interactive.



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