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iridium Interactive CEO Sriram Bharatam talks on Creating Measurable Returns through Social Media Monitoring at INFOCOM'10

Sriram Bharatam talks on Social Media at INFOCOM-09/10

Kolkata, India, Jan 22nd, 2010- INFOCOM 09/10- India’s largest ICT (Information Communication Technology) Expo that was held in Calcutta this year saw IT experts, corporate world gurus, business users and policy makers meet at this conference with the sole objective of leveraging businesses with IT applications.

Sriram Bharatam, CEO and Founder of iridium Interactive was invited as a key speaker to share his insights on the growing influence of social media on the corporate world. He presented his views in the media panel on “Creating Measurable Returns through Social Media Monitoring

“There is a conversation going on online, with or without you. If you choose not to engage, you are simply giving up the ability to manage and influence what’s being said. Your stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, and media) are already engaged in social media”, as said by Mr.Bharatam while stressing on the importance of Social Media Marketing to the corporate players at the conference. He then explained Social Media Marketing as the “process of being aware, taking reactive and proactive measures on conversations /content flowing in social media for corporate objectives aligned with marketing, PR, Customer Service, and Business intelligence”.

He also emphasized on the importance of businesses to proactively keep pace with swiftly evolving technologies and trends to create a quantum leap towards business transformation. He then concluded the discussion stating “Social media and mobile revolution hold incredible opportunity to most businesses”.

About iridium Interactive:

iridium Interactive specializes in building world class  Interactive solutions  with proprietary frameworks  in Healthcare/Pharma, Higher Education, Media & Entertainment, Retail and Non-Profit Sectors. With an   established practice in Digital Strategy, building new media solutions, Creative development and Digital marketing solutions for web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0, iridium has serviced over 300+ clients across 3 Continents and  facilitated measurable online business growth for  its clients across nine verticals.  Iridium’s differentiator lies in providing a unique integrated approach of digital strategy, creative excellence, technological support and digital marketing solutions.  As one of the Top 100 IT Innovators in India Iridium’s core strength lies in applying the principles of innovation and creativity to the Internet and Mobile medium creating “disruptive” strategic value adds to the business.



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