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Celebrating the Success is as Important as the Success Itself!!

Last night I had a chance to spend some quality time with most of my current and ex-colleagues who have been part of some of the challenging engagements we have cracked in 2009… ISB Executive Alum portal, ISB Wadhwani Center for Entrepreneurial development, Ranbaxy MedRoyale initiative and of course  NASSCOM Member management system. Last month when we were celebrating the success of Rank By Search with the client from the US, it just struck to me that we have been very busy signing up an engagement and putting all our energies in delivering the same and some where in the process have been forgetting to  Celebrate  these Success and thats when I realized ‘Celebrating the Success is as important as the Success itself.’ It was big eye opener to me.

It was only in the last leadership meeting we made a conscious collective decision to come out with a iridium Interactive Celebration Calendar  which is now being discussed in our weekly huddles more than the project delivery plans.. :)

We made it a point to invite all the team members last night, including those who have left Iridium but still feel highly connected with the rest of us. It was great fun sitting at a Dhaba in the open air and talking through those mid night biryanis and early morning dosas and idlis; Although most of us hated those long hours we all were putting in,  when we looked back and refreshed our memories, it was such a great learning that we all had; the day clients came in and congratulated us  and acknowledged the bottom-line impact we have made to their businesses .. I was telling most of the team if they put these project experiences in their resumes nobody in the industry is going to believe them that during recession times the team at iridium Interactive has been working on such world class cutting edge projects.

Folks, now its time for the IIPL third season… yeah its IIPL (iridium Interactive Premier league) and already invites are being sent out to all the iridium Interactive alums and customers be part of the T20 cricket match scheduled for 30th January 2010. If you cant make it for the match watch out our blog or alternatively subscribe to the live twitter feeds at iridium Interactive



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“Celebrating the Success is as Important as the Success Itself!!”

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