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Do I really need Social Media?

This is my first blog on Social Media, after reading innumerous blogs on social media , i came to understand one common thing all bloggers have written atleast once in their blogs; each bringing out the need for social media in every business. Here’s a take on social media from my perspective.

After a lot of reading and drawing my own inferences on the social media I have come to understand one critical point all companies should do. They should be more forth coming in interacting with their customers. Customers have become so social network savvy that companies are also expected to raise their levels and be one step ahead of their customers on the social media forum. Customers attach their loyalties to companies they can associate well with and it is through social media that businesses can build rapport with their existing and potential customers.

Social media though in its budding stages is steadily becoming an indispensable part of every company’s marketing strategy. Consumers want a more transparent approach from companies in their marketing campaigns. They are no longer lured by the glittering ads companies spend buckets on to showcase their brands and products. Customers want much more than that. They want to see through the company.

It is only a good idea to sync up with your consumers on twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc (just to mention some of the top rankers in social networking websites) and start building a community around your brand.

This will raise more questions in your mind, what is this social media? How does one enter the social media world? How will it help my business? Tools for monitoring social media? Stay tuned as these questions will be covered in my forthcoming blog, also explaning social media in plain simple English



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