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Dhoom "match"aalayy

It’s once again the time of the year where we have to pull up our socks in all its literal sense to face the mother of all battles – the IIPL.  With the first season being a run away hit, the organizers this time have come forward with even more enthusiasm indicating that the best way to move forward in these tough times is to have fun.  The result is the second season of IIPL.  The expectations were soaring high so did the war between the participating teams overtaking the rising temperature outside. The scene at the venue was absolutely electrifying with the team captains taking an oath to decimate the opposition till the last run is made or till the last wicket is taken. Suddenly the scene resembled a professional cricket match.  All this action was witnessed at the P.G. College of Physical Education, Gagan Mahal on Saturday, the 7th of February, 2009.  Supporters of the two teams sporting funky looks pepped up the environment.  Players were seen warming up while the clock ticked 10.  Calling the two captains for the toss was Mr.Vikram who took charge of the proceedings and asked one of the captains to toss the coin. Afzal won the toss and elected to bat first.  Each team comprised of 12 players, tad different from the default contingent of 11 players that we usually have.

Meanwhile, the players took their respective places as marshaled by Sriram- the fielding team captain. In came the openers from Afzal team, Ram at striker’s end and Ravi at the non-striker’s end. Vikram started the proceedings officially by uttering “the game begins” in his usual shrill tone.  Afzal team started off things well maintaining a healthy run rate throughout the middle overs, despite losing quick wickets in the middle overs managed to make full use of the chances that were offered by Sriram’s team.  At last Afzal’s team managed to put 114 from 12 overs  on the board-an achievable if not an impossible total by all means.

Then came the turn of Sriram’s team to give a fitting reply to the huge target posted by Afzal team. This time the openers were Sadappa taking guard at one end and Linga reddy as his partner. Things started well until Sadappa found the fielder in long on off the bowling of Noor.  Then came our captain of the batting team and CEO of our company Mr.Sriram to the crease.  He managed to pile up some quick runs until the bye runner for Sriram ran him out in trying to take a quick single.  Despite being offered too many extras in the form of wides, Sriram’s team had only managed 90 runs from their allotted overs.  Afzal team won and stood as the deserving team.

One thing is for sure that in events such as these, employees earn themselves a deserving break from the hectic work and get to know about their colleagues from close quarters.  So thanks to all iridiumites for making this event a grand success proving that they are game for anything.


Iridium Interactive Cricket Match Scorecard



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