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Dhoom "match"aalayy

It’s once again the time of the year where we have to pull up our socks in all its literal sense to face the mother of all battles – the IIPL.  With the first season being a run away hit, the organizers this time have come forward with even more enthusiasm indicating that the best way to move forward in these tough times is to have fun.  The result is

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Deccan Chargers @ii

With the IPL rage all around, the Deccan “iridium Interactive” Chargers decided to be part of the excitement with their own Premier league version -the iIPL(iridium Interactive Premier League) . Four teams from ii hyderabad fought with gusto on the field and provided wholesome, action-packed entertainment to the spectators in three exciting encounters during the course of the day. The cheerleaders were kept busy as our very own “Sehwags” and

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