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iridiumInteractive Wins Kenya’s ICT Board Tandaa Grant for Local Content Innovation

Innovation has led iridiumInteractive to make its mark emphatically in the Kenya’s agenda of dynamic growth. Receiving the Tandaa Grant for Local Content innovations touches new frontiers. Tandaa is a brand of the Kenya ICT Board that promotes the creation and distribution of locally relevant digital content through the Tandaa Symposium and seed money to ICT entrepreneurs. Digital content is any content that can be consumed from an electronic device

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Social Media Policy of iridium Interactive

Companies have made it big and some companies have made blunders with social media. When Nestle’s social media representative got rude with their already enraged consumers, things snowballed and Nestle once reputed for its transparency was jeered at for their non courteousness. Social Media Policy or the policy that keeps employees within boundaries is much needed for any company who wants to control its social media endeavours. iridium Interactive has

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SWOT Analysis of Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring may have started to allure your decision to monitor your social media space but just to give your a reality check, everything comes with a cheque if you do not know their limitations. So now I am presenting to you the Strengths (S), Weaknesses (W), Opportunities and Threats (T) of Social Media Monitoring. Strengths Analyzes what is being said about your company. This produces value for the

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Why Social Media Monitoring?

With my experience with iridium in this sphere for some time, it is my observation that social media is spreading like wild fire and it is every company’s desire to be a part of what is being said about them, their brands, products, services and finally, their reputation in the market. Social media includes blogs, forums, wikis, tags and any user generated content. This is where consumers and users saw

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A Primer On Social Media Monitoring

After taking a deep dive into social media and marketing, we will now turn the tide towards introducing an integral part of social media, namely social media monitoring. This is imperative to every company who wants to measure their activities on social media. Also known as social reputation management, or online reputation management, social media monitoring serves more than gathering metrics on your social media initiatives.

Classic Case of what not to do on Social Media!!

Social Media Etiquette and handling PR is very critical to a company in social media. Consumer interactions have compelled companies to plunge into social media to be a part of these conversations. Today I was reading what could be the biggest social media/PR debacle ever. I am talking about the food giant Nestle who, till a few days back was a renowned chocolatier with fans all over the world. Today

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The Power of Twitter – Build your Social Currency

After my first 2 wisdom series on ‘what is twitter‘ and ‘why twitter‘, now let us understand the power of Twitter for your business.You may be twittering with your personal profile for specific interests, but now its time to get curious and venture into creating the social currency for your company itself.Strange as it may sound, Twitter is a one of the most powerful yet underplayed social medium leveraging online

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Work in Progress at iridium

As you all know that iridium Interactive is integrating the 1st and 4th floor by relocating all those working on the 1st floor, here is an update on what is happening. A lot of work is going on in order to complete the mammoth task in such a short span, which is going on in a steady pace The team is eagerly waiting to sit in their new workstations. Have

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DNA Mumbai Edition Feature on Social Media and the Web Do gooders- an interview with Sriram Bharatam

A web of do-gooders R Krishna / DNA Sunday, December 27, 2009 0:48 IST Mumbai: Sriram Bharatam, founder and CEO, iridium Interactive, an internet consultancy firm based in Hyderabad, runs a non-profit called Cause an Effect Foundation. Last week, the foundation installed a water treatment facility in a village near Hyderabad. Bharatam, who was in the village to oversee the operations, started tweeting and updating his Facebook status message about

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