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Wonderful memories left by Interns @ iridium Interactive Hyderabad

2 months..That’s the time it took for the Interns to be groomed into Professionals who have left us with some unforgettable and profound memories. The younger lot coming from different parts of the country (Delhi, Jalandhar, Guwahati and others) were very unique in their own way. Every intern was a bunch of talent possessing knowledge in different domains.

Right from day one, the Interns were into serious business. Under the guidance of Technical Manager Sreekanth , Archie & Nishanth  they were divided into teams handling different projects which include an Accounting Software for SME’s, a video application, a CRM strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects,  a cab routing application to manage and get best routes for employees opting for cabs, a report builder application for generating different kind of  reports depending on the requirement among others. It dint take much time for them to get adapted to the working environment and following II’s routine and work ethics. They had their daily huddles, followed the project management tool and also were a part of the monthly huddle giving their share of the experiences they had.

Apart from serious work, they made their presence felt during the tea breaks to the entire office where each member of the intern gang made sure that every other intern get their share of BPL (Bump pe laath).The most funniest guy, Sailesh was also one of the lucky ones to get it from the Interns. We also had a couple of knowledge impart sessions where the interns did get a chance to educate us on adobe illustrator and desktop shortcuts and others. All of us had a great time having the interns around and would be definitely missing them in the days to come. Last but not the least they have gifted us with some reminiscing memories of the time spent in Iridium Interactive in the link below and also complimentary notes. Cheers to Iridium and good luck to the Interns!!!




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“Wonderful memories left by Interns @ iridium Interactive Hyderabad”