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An evening with Gerhard Schroeder and Dmitri Medvedev


In October 2006, Russian Economic Forum organised a one-day event-Knowledge, Technology and the New Economy- at Manezh, Moscow.

The event was organized to explore and understand the new culture of innovation and the impact of technology and innovations on economy.

That the event was accorded utmost importance to the future of Russian economy was evident from the list of dignitaries participating in the event .The powerful line-up of international speakers included Gerhard Schroeder, Former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany; Leonid Reiman, Russian Minister for Information Technologies and Communications; Andrei Fursenko, Russian Minister of Science and Education, and Andrei Sharonov, Russian Deputy Minister of Economic Trade and Development .

I was one of the speakers at the event sharing the podium with top brass from international companies, including Google, Golden Telecom, Vimpelcom, Telenor, Yandex, Motorola, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Tech Mahindra and BT.

Innovation and adaptation is fundamental to the growth and development of any efficient modern institution, whether private or government-owned and run. Generating and absorbing new ideas, and communicating them internally – whether they relate to new products, new management strategies or other business processes – are critical to the successful operation of any organisation. The information society plays a key role in this process, providing vital access to knowledge and information.

This was the basis for my presentation at the event, “eNation-The New World Order” taking the audience through a journey from physical to virtual world, from being a normal man to an electronic man. A high-powered private dinner concluded the day, where delegates and other VIP guests were joined by Dmitri Medvedev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. Both Mr. Medvedev and Gerhard Schroeder addressed the dinner guests.