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Getting Involved – iridium Interactive launches The Leprosy Mission Trust, India's website

iridium Interactive has created a new information channel for India’s largest NGO. A caring organisation dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of leprosy patients and their families. The website is both an informative tool and a means of reaching out to prospective donors and supporters for the organisation’s activities.

iridium Interactives brief – by TLMI was to create a website that would reach out and tap new avenues and construct a fresh channel for donations. Just as importantly the objective was to inform, casual and committed, visitors on TLMI’s activities and the progress in their fight to rid India of the scourge and stigma of Leprosy.

Because of the rather grim subject of this site iridium Interactive used bright and happy images to put a positive spin to the website’s image and look. The message was bright and positive without going into ‘gloom and doom’ mode. The website also provides the committed or prospective donor/supporter with information on where their funds have been spent.

We developed a payment gateway in the Getting Involved or donation section that will allow visitors to the site to ‘give online with out any difficulty. Donate online has several advantages. It can capture the spontaneous mood of the visitor to reach out.

“The Leprosy Mission is one of the largest and oldest NGOs working in India”. We had a tough task collecting, collating and organising data and information from remote and far-flung TLMI locations. But inspired by TLMI’s own achievements, as it continues to provide comprehensive quality care and serve the cause of the leprosy-affected, we prevailed, said Mr Manish Kumar, Delhi Practice Head, iridium Interactive.