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iridium Interactive Reinvents Wockhardt's Brand Presence

“Good work begets more work”- a phrase that can well define the work done at iridium Interactive. Owing to large health care biggies of India that Iridium has worked with in the past like Fortis, Moolchand, Modicare,and Ranbaxy ,to name a few, WockHardt Hospitals decided to avail iridium’s services to recoup their website, hence brand. Seeing these brands transformed and elevated, Wockhardt saw the opportunity to revive their website in lieu with their current business objectives. Apart from the brand lineage iridium has been associated with, it was their 360 degree approach of bringing about strategy, design, technology and marketing in all their endeavors that made Wockhardt come up to iridium. Wockhardt had their objective for their new website clearly laid out, that was to:
• Aggregate the presence of multiple cities in one single website.
• Create brand presence for Wockhardt’s select specialties.
• Cater to specific stakeholders, particularly- international patients.

Iridium has created microsites that combines all the success stories and medical breakthroughs done by Wockhardt.International Patients are now able to avail Wockhardt’s services with the help of the new section incorporated in the new website solely for them.

This new website not only created brand visibility for Wockhardt, it also showcased and marketed their services and expertise to all their patients and users from different parts of the world.

“iridium’s extensive experience of working with the stalwart of medical care industry was made full use of while designing Wockhardt’s website.” As stated by one of iridium Interactive’s team members.

Snapshot of Wockhardt website made by iridiumInteractive



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