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Agroweb solutions –an arena less explored

pic2.jpg Agriculture provides the principle means of livelihood for about 60% of India’s population. Agriculture remains the largest economic sector in our country despite a steady decline in its contribution to GDP. Taking a cue from other industries that are now leveraging the power of IT, National academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad conducted an Agroweb workshop.

The work shop offered a platform create awareness of the power of IT/web technologies and how it can be leveraged to revitalize agricultural Industry. Sriram and Nishant attended the session, representing iridium Interactive.

Sriram was also one of the speakers and spoke on Web Standards, Technologies and Standardization. The talk started off well with the audience clued on to the jazz of the presentation but it hit the note when Sriram started talking about the Rural initiatives through CauseanEffect, e Learning bringing insurance closer to rural people, Case Studies of using Web 2.0 to solve business problems for Maruti, NASSCOM, Escorts and ITC e-Choupal and delivery mechanisms through examples of films made to educate people on alternative livelihoods post tsunami.

Agriculture and its audience need to be understood to use technology to bring value close to the rural people. There are so many initiatives that can change lives… eLearning for Agricultural practices, banking and insurance facilities for rural people, latest trends and machinery in farming etc. Hoping this workshop will help generate ideas for rural betterment.



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