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Fireworks @ iridium Interactive

Glittering lights, dazzling dresses, and illuminating fireworks, and bursting fire crackers-that’s Diwali for the most. But for us, who also have another identity as iridiumites, Diwali at iridium this year transformed into something more; it became synonymous to companionship and camaraderie. We pushed our chairs back, switched off the computers, left our desk and gathered at the terrace to light up, not only candles, but also each other’s hearts with the glow of friendship.

The official mail on 24th created the background by giving a gist of what we can expect—ethnic attire, activity, and fireworks. In the morning huddle that day, Sujana too explained as much. But, even she could not prepare us what was to follow on the 25th.  Many people turned up in their ethnic best, those who could not manage to do so made it a point to, at least, put on their best apparels. The whole office was in a festive mood. Every smiling face and a more enthusiastic body language gave away the whole story. Something special may happen.Winning Team

By 4pm the terrace was decked up in garlands, and a small portion was soon transformed into a perfect place to do the puja. As soon as the clock struck five, the programmes began. The five tables at the terrace with white canvases, newspapers, scissors, and glue sticks on them were indicating the unfolding of some interesting activities. And the announcement came pretty soon– a collage competition was about to start. “Create a theme of your choice, and add a banner, if you wish”, was the basic direction. A few moments later the five teams were rigorously trying to pull out the best creative rabbit out of their hats.

Runner up TeamOnce the 15 minutes deadline was crossed, came the next part. The teams now needed to present their theme to the five judges, who too were selected from the participating teams. The teams showed off their creations one by one, while Team 1 stressed on female power, Team 2 displayed what brightness means, and created a montage of cityscapes and smiling faces. Awesome stuff guys! Teams 3 and 4 too were not far behind. They highlighted the festive season and the dazzling and glittering sides of Diwali, Dhanteras, and Laxmi Puja. Team 5 tried to create something different, and their canvas portrayed anti-corruption slogans.

The best part was there were less sound and more lights in this whole show. Though people lighted a few bombs, but they never got careless. The image of every employee lighting each other’s fire sticks, once again brought out the true spirit of Diwali. This is a time when we cross the mythological significance of the whole exercise, and imbue it with human relationships.


Amidst all this mirth, the expectation to know the name of the winner of the competition never diminished a bit. The small huddle surrounding Bharathi and Mr Vinod proved as much. While Team 3 came up trumps in the competition, Team 4 got the judge’s choice award. When Vinod Sir was handing over the bags full of goodies, they also symbolised the end of the eventful day. While leaving the office on that day, we also carried something more than the gifts. We carried the warmth of team spirit and the warmth of affection. We knew the candles of enthusiasm will keep burning in our heart for a long time.

iss Diwali mein hum Do Diye jyada jaalaye!!!

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“Fireworks @ iridium Interactive”
  • Missed another great celebration @Hyderabad office guys. Wishing you all a belated Happy Diwali.


  • The post explains it all…One of the best Diwali celebrations I have attended so far.Thanks for the wonderful post Shubhajit.

  • Sweet and simple post Shubhajith :)

    It was indeed a simple but grand celebration, ii Hyd at its best…

    Thanks for the lovely “Chocolaty Hamper” Bharathi !!!

  • I missed wonderful celebration, i think my friends enjoyed this celebration…….. Good post Shubhajit.

  • The blog definitely took me on a journey through the beauty, joy and vividness of Diwali Celebrations at Iridium. Hope to read more from you!:)

  • Being alone, one a festive day,
    like lighting up was turning to burning down.
    I do regret; but I’m happy my pals enjoyed,
    and made me try my exile that last time.

    Let freedom be a firecracker,
    and wit a matchstick that lights,
    and let us smile like we are carefree,
    in somewhere we care taking flights.

    We are men and women looked upto,
    like never before, for the gaps only we can fill.
    This is the precious rule of being,
    your’s got to be a soul even you can’t kill.

    Love and Cheers,