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SMEs and the Internet

Have you as an SME or SMB wondered how you can optimize your processes? Wondered which aspect of your work can use the internet for? Free and cost-effective solutions are the need of the hour for SMEs to leverage the power of the internet based services. The following are the general areas of business operations of SMEs which, on using the internet enabled technologies can give them the surge and increase efficiency in the marketplace:

1) Marketing

2) Purchase and Sales

3) Logistics and Information Systems

4) Documentation and Data Management

5) Business Communication

6) Accounting

7) Human Resource Management

This image shows the importance of these processes being driven by internet with the level of ease in implementing these technologies into SMEs. It also indicates range of improvement which can be achieved.

SMEs, Internet, Small

The Internet with wide range of free and cost effective services, has immense potential for significantly improving the efficiency and productivity of SMEs and this entirely depends on the availability and quality of service of internet and its costs. Also on the affordability of computing devices. As these barriers get cleared, the internet penetration increases in a large way and there by increasing productivity of SMEs which helps them compete with the global market.

image source: ‘FREE FOR SMEs’ Free and Low Cost ICT Solutions for SMEs by IAMAI