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The Moolchand Hospital in Delhi has a 50-year tradition of providing excellent healthcare. At its Medcity campus, Moolchand offers more than 40 super-specialty round-the-clock services like Emergency, Ambulance, Radiology, Pathology, Blood bank, Pharmacy and Healthcare education.

Objective Moolchand has a number of departments with a large user base of around 300 members. The hospital administration’s main objective was to reduce the prevalent internal communication barriers, and thus enhance employee retention strategies. This meant chronicling events and happenings in an informative manner, managing intellectual property by documenting it appropriately, and enabling online conversations among employees and administration. An underlying objective was to reduce operational costs and build a system that would help lower future costs.Sensing a need to empower their employees, the Moolchand management approached iridium Interactive (ii) to build an integrated platform to meet their objectives. And for us at ii, it was an opportunity to apply, and build on, our expertise in multiple arenas – the healthcare domain, where we have time and again proven our competence, and Enterprise 2.0, one of our core practice areas.

Solution The ii creative and technical teams put their heads together to craft ‘Veda’ – an intranet solution that is a blend of visual appeal and technology, powered by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Veda offers a range of innovative and well-thought out services, including document management, enterprise search, e-greetings, discussion forums, suggestion boxes, event announcement sections and an employee directory. ii also created a “Knowledge Bank” to empower employees through information, and a “Moolchand Management System” which enables them to view/upload/download documents categorized under various departments. Another highlight (much appreciated by employees!) is the “Complaint Management Database” which allows employees to register a complaint and subsequently track its status. A discussion forum for physicians’ discussions and individual workspaces for each employee – these too play their role in encouraging intra-organization communication and knowledge sharing.

Results Today, Veda has opened up many conversation forums -be it amongst employees or between employees and the administration, thus breaking down internal communication barriers. Veda has assured continuous access to documents and has eliminated the manual management and distribution of documents. Veda has also made it easier to find members within a particular department. In a larger context, it has created a sense of community for dispersed users. Above all, from the organization perspective, it has succeeded in increasing employee retention by providing a single platform collaborative space, and encouraging teamwork.

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