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SMEs and the Internet

Have you as an SME or SMB wondered how you can optimize your processes? Wondered which aspect of your work can use the internet for? Free and cost-effective solutions are the need of the hour for SMEs to leverage the power of the internet based services. The following are the general areas of business operations of SMEs which, on using the internet enabled technologies can give them the surge and

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Facebook Developer Garage Hosted by iridium Interactive

On 23rd of September, nearly 80 developers, students, company reps and enthusiasts walked into Hotel Golkonda for the first ever Facebook Developer Garage to be held in Hyderabad, the home of Facebook in India. Organized by iridium the event is being hosted for the first time in Hyderabad after succesfully being conducted in a number of cities all over the world. The entire objective of the Garage was to showcase

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MyNasscom, Enterprise 2.0 initiaive of Nasscom, launched

NASSCOM is a global trade body with over 1200 members, of which over 250 are global companies from the US, UK, EU, Japan and China. The departments of NASSCOM are spread across various locations and have over 100 members. NASSCOM maintains hundreds of documents – HR, Research, Consulting, White Papers, Case Studies and more – in various formats and file sizes. For NASSCOM all this repository is a wealth of

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The Moolchand Hospital in Delhi has a 50-year tradition of providing excellent healthcare. At its Medcity campus, Moolchand offers more than 40 super-specialty round-the-clock services like Emergency, Ambulance, Radiology, Pathology, Blood bank, Pharmacy and Healthcare education. Objective Moolchand has a number of departments with a large user base of around 300 members. The hospital administration’s main objective was to reduce the prevalent internal communication barriers, and thus enhance employee retention

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