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Miissiion Possiible – iridium Interactive

Ethan Hunt is all geared to make the fourth installment of the Mission Impossible project possible.  Come December, he will do whatever it takes to clear his government’s name associated with the demolition of Kremlin by rogue elements.

At iridium Interactive, we have our own set of mission accomplishers. Of course, minus the enigmatic presence of Tom Cruise, but possessing the same obsession to find the solution to the task presented to them.
So, unlike earlier huddles, this huddle was special as various teams from iridium chose to interact with each other as to how they went about accomplishing their missions. Some of them worked with the top-tier clients, while others provided solutions to SMEs. But they soon found that the path chosen to derive at a solution to the problems was common.

Four teams got to explain how they managed to come up with simple solutions to seemingly huge problems. Technical jargon was discarded and all teams chose a creative way to explain their process, so that everyone could understand what was being spoken about and even come up with queries.

One of the teams chose to explain their process through a 10-minute skit while another team chose the story-telling format. Two other teams used presentations to explain their processes. This simple effort threw open a new world to most employees who were suddenly aware of what the other teams were involved in and how they managed to come up with ways to solve a problem. There was lots of enthusiasm as interesting facts were revealed and relevant data was presented by all participating teams.

Irrespective of what process one handled, there was a curiosity to know what iridium Interactive was doing and how various teams worked parallel to each other. Almost an hour and half was spent tackling questions ranging from specific process related queries to general philosophy of the company.

Of course, there was much more happening, but as time was a constraint, these were saved for the next huddle.

The evening came to an end with CEO Sriram Bharatam telling how at iridium Interactive technology was not ‘the’ solution to a problem. He laced his speech with interesting anecdotes and stories to tell the team why it was important to understand a problem and look at finding a solution, rather than getting stressed over which method to use.

Keep it simple, keep it practical and enjoy the experience, he reiterated.



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“Miissiion Possiible – iridium Interactive”
  • Truly nothing is iimpossible, if you ask the right questions and hit the naiil at the riight spot. Thanks Manjula, for posting what iridium and iridiumites are all about!

  • From the huddle, I learnt that it is possible to give simple solutions, even for technically complex problems! Thanx Majula for the post!

  • Say a story to explain the most complicated matter in the most simplistic manner. Thank you Sriram, for letting us know how iridium offers solutions with innovation and simplicity.

    Thank you Manjula for the beautiful write up!!!

  • I know Manjula how thrilled you should be to have your content on the blog. Good job.

    The habit of losing it to elation or extravagance shows up in the title “Miissiion Possiible”. Pardon me a purist to observe and point that out.

    I personally match the spirit of Iridium to an extend, if I am correct, in that I don’t like a lot of icing on the cake. We are a team that cares about the cake done well rather than cloak it up in unhealthy and unnecessary decorative concepts.

    It was wonderful to have the storytelling and skit on the floor for the first time I remember having seen after joining the company. More than the deserved praise to our team for providing simple solutions, it was worth it to have creative stuff coming from the team on the floor too in the form of a skit and storytelling.

    Looking forward to better things happening in the company.

  • Nice to see everyone interacting… no boundaries… no individual groups… no technology… bonding as one single entity ‘ii’ (not a single ‘i’ but two, which translates to ‘WE’)