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The Management Development Institute (MDI) is the country’s premier business school. It is located in Gurgaon and offers a range of academic programs.

MDI was looking at creating and developing appropriate tools and outlets to disseminate knowledge. MDI’s existing website had to be reoriented to make it a learning and interactive tool which reaches out to all its stakeholders. A second criterion was to highlight the research orientation of the institution. And finally, MDI wanted to create a large online community, with the website acting as the driver for this. in short, what MDI was actually looking for was a virtual campus.

To revamp MDI’s website, iridium Interactive (ii) adopted a step-by-step approach. It designed and implemented an exhaustive Academic Programs section, which furnished course details and fee information. Also incorporated on the site was a Research and Publication section, with synopsis of writings by faculty, and information on their availability. ii used cutting-edge technology to create an e-library, and tools to provide access to all electronic resources across the campus network. Users would also be able to access the latest in business and management information.
A separate placements section was developed for corporate recruiters and placement agencies to view student profiles. Other sections included a Faculty recruitment section, and a distinct Alumni section, linking to its own separate portal. To give the visitors a flavor of life at MDI, flash movies were incorporated into the site.

iridium conceived, designed and implemented a website for MDI that includes and caters to all the stakeholders. The strategic goal of making the MDI website an all-inclusive, fully interactive virtual campus is exemplified by the various informative and useful highly useful sections. The result is a virtual MDI community.
The whole process of selecting and hiring students and faculty has been simplified. The creation of this portal enables MDI to carry out its core competence of ‘building leaders for tomorrow’ in a much better way. Finally, ii web-enabled much of the routine query and administrative work, resulting in cost savings for MDI.

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